ISSN 1308-5301 | E-ISSN 1308-8084

Volume: 9 Issue: 3 - 2017

1. 0. Cover, Description
2. The first study in Turkey about the chromosomes of tongue fish, Pegusa lascaris (Risso,1810) (Soleidae, Pleuronectiformes), living in the Black Sea
3. Notes on Pterygoneurum crossidioides (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta), a xerophytic species in Turkey
4. Biochemical and physiological responses of metal toxicity in some barley and wheat varieties from Central Anatolia
5. Essential oil composition of Pulicaria genus grown in Turkey, a chemotaxonomic approach
6. Ecophysiological effects of tribenuron methyl used as herbicides on some Triticum aestivum types grown in Turkey
7. Lichenized and lichenicolous fungi of Katırlı mountain in Bursa (Turkey) province
8. The geophytes of the region between Derebucak (Konya/Turkey) – Ibradı and Cevizli (Antalya/Turkey)
9. Ethnobotanical studies on useful plants in Manyas (Balıkesir/Turkey) region
10. Determination of meristic and morphometric characteristics of chubs, Squalius cii (Richardson, 1857), in Nilufer Stream (Turkey)
11. Assessment of zooplankton by the index analysis in Kaldırım and Halikan Ponds, Malatya/Turkey
12. Novelties to the bryophyte flora from Uludağ (Bursa/Turkey)
13. Non – Silica Algae of Seydisuyu Stream basin and their relative abundances (Eskişehir/Turkey)
14. Conservation status of threatened endemic flora of Western Himalayas
15. Determination of wild plant species of Brassicaceae family in Turkish Thrace
16. The flora of Aladağlar (Niğde Region, Turkey)
17. Water quality assessment of Porsuk stream basin
18. The flora of Pozantı Mountain (Niğde/Turkey)
19. A preliminary study on the bathymetric distribution of the deep sea fishes from Northern Aegean Sea
20. Flora of Kurukümes Mountain (Milas-Muğla/Turkey)
21. Anatomical and morphological characteristics of Helianthemum canum (L.) Baumg (Cistaceae)
22. Long-term germplasm conservation of two economical important Musa species via cryopreservation-dehidration technique
23. The design of forest roads network in compliance with the environmental issues using GIS and AHP
24. Removal of Acid Blue 294 (AB294) dye from aqueous solutions by using lichen Umbilicaria decussata biomass
25. Lichens and Lichenicolous fungi of Akdag Natural Park (Afyon - Denizli) in Turkey
26. The assessment of biological accumulation on exposure in boron particles of Desmodesmus multivariabilis

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