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BioDiCon.766-0818 Pollen analysis of honeys from Hatay (Turkey)
BioDiCon.765-0718 Determination of the effect of different drying temperatures on the content and chemical composition of essential oil of sage (Salvia officinalis)
BioDiCon.764-0718 The larval food-plant of Agonopterix dideganella (Amsel, 1972) (Lepidoptera: Depressaridae) and its new larval parasitoid Copidosoma sosares (Walker) Record
BioDiCon.763-0718 An anatomical investigation on Sideritis ozturkii Aytaç & Aksoy and Sideritis rubriflora Hub.- Mor. (Lamiaceae) From Turkey
BioDiCon.762-0718 Presence of Dianthus glutinosus in Turkey and new variety of this species
BioDiCon.761-0718 Taxonomic contributions to the genus Dianthus section Carthusiani of Turkey (Caryophyllaceae)
BioDiCon.760-0718 Caralluma tuberculata- An important medicinal plant to be conserved
BioDiCon.759-0718 Leaf micromorphology of Lathyrus sect. Lathyrostylis (Fabaceae) and its taxonomic significance
BioDiCon.758-0718 The Flora Of Kıbrıs Rıver Wıldlıfe Development Area (Kaş/Antalya)
BioDiCon.757-0217 Ecological effects of forest roads on biodiversity in Caspian forests of Iran
BioDiCon.756-0618 An Interesting Dragonfly Record, the Black Pennant Selysiothemis nigra (Vander Linden, 1825) from Black Sea Region of Turkey
BioDiCon.755-0618 Three lichenized fungi from Bursa province new to Turkey
BioDiCon.754-0618 The plants belonging to the bean family (Fabaceae) found in Azerbaijan
BioDiCon.753-0618 Current evaluation about the Cinereous vulture (Aegypius monachus L.) population in Türkmenbaba mountain
BioDiCon.752-0618 A Study of Natural Woody Plants of Forest in Şanlıurfa – Determınation of Detection and Landscape Values of Parks and Garden Plants
BioDiCon.751-0518 The Geophyte Flora of Dalaman and Ortaca Districts of Muğla/Turkey Province
BioDiCon.750-0518 Some additional notes on fruit fly (Diptera: Tephritidae) fauna and a new genera and species record from Turkey
BioDiCon.749-0518 Effects of boric acid on electrolyte balance and lipid profile against renal ischemia/reperfusion injury
BioDiCon.748-0318 Yield Components of Maize (Zea mays) as Influenced by Row Spacing and Nitrogen Application Methods
BioDiCon.747-0418 Hiro Yaylası (Adaklı-Bingöl/Turkey) ve Çevresinin Florası
BioDiCon.746-0418 Alticini (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) species occurring on Akşehir extensions (Konya) of the Sultan Mountains, Turkey
BioDiCon.745-0418 Occurrence of the Mediterranean Monk seal (Monachus monachus) in Yeşilovacık bay (Mersin, Turkey); a case report for anthropogenic impact assessments
BioDiCon.744-0518 Production and characterization of α-amylase from lactic acid bacteria isolated with whey
BioDiCon.743-0518 The use of water quality index method to determine the surface water quality of Mert Stream (Samsun/Turkey)
BioDiCon.742-0518 Flora of Gypsiferous and Marl Soils in Eskisehir (Turkey)
BioDiCon.741-0518 Artemisia taurica Willd. var. vanensis Kursat & Civelek (Asteraceae: Anthemideae), a new variety from Eastern Anatolia of Turkey
BioDiCon.740-0518 Seasonal Distribution of Epilithic and Planktonic Algae in Estuary Zone of Aksu Stream (Isparta-Antalya)
BioDiCon.739-0418 A new lichen record for the Asia: Parmelia barrenoae Divakar, M.C. Molina & A. Crespo, Supported by Molecular Data from Turkey
BioDiCon.738-0418 Soil radioactive pollution in Falluja-Iraq
BioDiCon.737-0318 The Use of Water Quality Index Method to Determine the Surface Water Quality of Mert Stream (Samsun/Turkey)
BioDiCon.736-0318 Epiphytic lichen diversity on Quercus pubescens Willd. in Bursa province (Turkey)
BioDiCon.735-0318 Macrofungi of Datça Peninsula (Turkey)
BioDiCon.734-0218 Determination of relations between yield and yield components and quality characters by different methods in sweet corn variety Merit
BioDiCon.733-0218 Anatomy of Ferulago sandrasica Peşmen & Quezel and Ferulago mughlae Peşmen (Apiaceae) species
BioDiCon.732-0218 Antimicrobial and antioxidant activities of essential oils and fatty acids of Centaurea sivasica Wagenitz from Turkey
BioDiCon.730-0218 Geophytes and ethnobotanıcal features of Kızıldağ, Masa mountaın and Yılanlı mountaın (Muğla/Turkey)
BioDiCon.729-0218 Changes in pigment content of green algae (Desmodesmus sp. and Chodatodesmus mucranulatus) exposed to alumina oxide (Al2O3) nanoparticles
BioDiCon.728-01218 Nine new records from high mountain lakes (Artabel Lakes Natural Park, Gümüşhane/Turkey) for the freshwater diatom flora of Turkey
BioDiCon.727-0118 Evaluation of antifungal activity of cardamom oil against standard and clinical Candida isolates
BioDiCon.726-0118 Age determination in Sivas population of Heremites vittatus (Bridled Skink) (Olivier, 1804) using skeletochronology
BioDiCon.725-0118 Vascular plant diversity of the Alanya Castle walls and their ecological effects
BioDiCon.724-0118 Researches on hybrid vigor in Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.)
BioDiCon.723-0118 Wolf spiders of Northwest Anatolia (Araneae: Lycosidae) in Turkey
BioDiCon.7230-0218 Geophytes and ethnobotanıcal features of Kızıldağ, Masa mountaın and Yılanlı mountaın (Muğla)
BioDiCon.722-1217 Investigation of the antifungal activity of some epiphytic and terricolous lichen extracts
BioDiCon.721-1217 Urban Vascular Flora and Ecological Characteristics of Mamak District (Ankara/ Turkey)
BioDiCon.720-1117 Amphibians of Adiyaman/Turkey Province
BioDiCon.719-1217 The effect of road kills on mammals species in the Van Lake Basin, Turkey
BioDiCon.718-1217 Genetic variability, heritabilty and correlation analysis among morphological and yield traits in wheat advanced lines
BioDiCon.717-1117 The Effect of Cuscuta babylonica Aucher (Cuscuta) Parasitism on the Phenolic Contents of Alhagi maurorum
BioDiCon.716-1117 Flora of Akyamaç Waterfall Natural Park and Environs (Rize/Turkey).
BioDiCon.715-1117 Chronic mercury exposure: oxidative stress and neurotoxicity.
BioDiCon.714-1117 Flora of Tunca Valley Natural Park and Environs (Rize/Turkey)
BioDiCon.713-1017 Molecular identifications of rhizobial samples isolated from Phaseolus vulgaris in Eskişehir province of Turkey
BioDiCon.712-1017 Rare and undercollected liverworts from Turkey ‒ including new province records
BioDiCon.711-1017 Two new records for the Lebanese flora
BioDiCon.710-1017 Assessment of the wildlife and ecosystem status of Choke Mountain, North Western Ethiopia
BioDiCon.709-1017 Characterization studies of Onobrychis hypargyrea Boıss
BioDiCon.708-1017 Some new records of Anatolia Newt, Neurergus strauchii (Steindacher 1887) from Eastern Anatolia
BioDiCon.707-1017 Relationship between mammalian wild animals and agricultural crops
BioDiCon.706-0917 Some new records of Anatolia Newt, Neurergus strauchii (Steindacher 1887) from Eastern Anatolia, Turkey
BioDiCon.705-0917 Cytotaxonomy of the Crimean barb, Barbus tauricus Kessler 1877 (Pisces, Cypriniformes, Barbinae) living in Turkey
BioDiCon.704-0917 Traditional uses of medicinal plants and animals of Hatila Valley National Park, Artvin
BioDiCon.703-0917 Karyotype of the Black Sea Turbot, Scophthalmus maeoticus (Pallas 1814) (Pisces: Pleuronectiformes)
BioDiCon.702-0917 Observations on Muğla Population of Rhaponticoides mykalea
BioDiCon.701-0617 Seed Mucilage Contents in 11 Alyssum taxa (Brassicaceae) and their taxonomical and ecological significance
BioDiCon.700-0917 Flora of Phrygian Valley (Mountain Phrygia/Turkey)
BioDiCon.699-0717 Removal of a toxic basic dye-malachite green from aqueous solution by Onopordum turcicum Danin as natural biosorbent
BioDiCon.697-0717 Metabolite fingerprinting in Prosopis juliflora DC. pods by UV-VIS, Attenuated Total internal Reflectance-Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (ATR-FTIR) and Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS)
BioDiCon.696-0717 A New Marasmioid Species Record for Turkish Macromycota
BioDiCon.695-0717 Morphological and anatomical studies on hayıt fruit (fructus agni-casti) and leafs sold in the market
BioDiCon.694-0717 The Current Situation of Turkey Honey Bee (Apis mellifera L.) Biodiversity and Conservations Studies
BioDiCon.692-0617 Investigation on bio-ecological features of an endemic freshwater fish species, Squalius pursakensis (Hankó, 1925) in Seydi Suyu (Sakarya Basin)
BioDiCon.691-0617 A redescription of Diarthrodes aegideus (Brian, 1927) from the Aegean Coasts of Turkey
BioDiCon.690-0617 The ınvestigation of fatty acids and mineral profiles of some edible Lactarius species (L. deliciosus, L. deterrimus, L. salmonicolor, L. sanguifluus, L. semisanguifluus) in the Uşak province of Aegean Region
BioDiCon.689-0617 Changes in metabolic acids (organic acids) on the development periods in bread wheat genotypes
BioDiCon.688-0617 Changes in metabolic acids (amino acids) on the development periods in bread wheat genotypes
BioDiCon.687-0617 Ethnobotanical features of some plants used in Taşköprü (Kastamonu) region
BioDiCon.686-0617 The pollination and reproduction success of Salvia sclarea
BioDiCon.685-0517 The bryophyte flora of Sinop peninsula
BioDiCon.684-0517 An Interesting half-free morel record for turkish mycobiota (Morchella populiphila
BioDiCon.683-0517 A morphological, palynological and ecological study of the Glaucium cappadocicum Boiss. in Turkey
BioDiCon.682-0517 Cyanus celikhanensis (Asteraceae, Cardueae–Centaureinae), a new species from Turkey
BioDiCon.681-0517 Screening of antimicrobial, cytotoxic effects and phenolic compounds of the moss Dicranum scoparium
BioDiCon.680-0517 Some toxic effects of ammonium sulfate fertilizer to rana macrocnemis tadpoles from Rize
BioDiCon.679-0517 Prostat kanseri hücreleri üzerinde protokatekuik asitin büyümeyi önleyici ve apoptoz indükleyici etkilerinin belirlenmesi
BioDiCon.678-0517 New arthropod hosts of ectoparasitic mites (Acari: Prostigmata) from Turkey
BioDiCon.677-0517 Comparison of essential oil compositions of fresh and dried plant of endemic Salvia cadmica var. bozkiriensis, in Turkey
BioDiCon.676-0417 Recent findings on Aphid fauna from east and south eastern parts of Turkey
BioDiCon.675-0417 Biodiversity, seasonal distribution and relationship of the substrate of myxomycetes in North Amanos Mountains (Hatay/Turkey)
BioDiCon.674-0417 Phylogenetic relationships and taxonomical positions of three new records Melanoleuca Species from Hakkari province, Turkey
BioDiCon.673-0417 Cultural characteristics of Rhizopogon roseolus
BioDiCon.672-0317 Isolate Algae Population On Simulium ornatum sp. comp. From Four Different Streams In Eskişehir and Kütahya, Turkey
BioDiCon.671-0317 Employing SHE analysis method for evaluating landscape diversity
BioDiCon.669-0317 The ecological status and macroinvertebrate diversity of the Nerodime River in Kosova
BioDiCon.668-0317 Distribution Phytoplankton of Eğirdir Lake (Isparta/Turkey) and relationship with physicochemical parameters
BioDiCon.667-0317 Notes on the karyology, male genitalia and distribution of Rhagonycha fulva (Scopoli, 1763) (Coleoptera: Cantharidae) from Turkey
BioDiCon.666-0317 Flora of Eskişehir Yazılıkaya valley and its environs
BioDiCon.665-0317 Botanical characteristics of fruit roses/rosehips (Rosa L. spp.)
BioDiCon.664-0217 The potential benefits of medicinal and aromatic plants in cancer patients undergoing radiotherapy
BioDiCon.663-0217 Microbial populations of Fadlum Saltern (Sivas/Turkey)
BioDiCon.662-0217 Flora of Eskişehir Yazılıkaya Valley (Turkey) and ıts environs
BioDiCon.661-0217 Karyotype analysis of Common Cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium )
BioDiCon.660-0317 Cytotoxic effects of Satureja cuneifolia extract in liver cancer cell lines (HepG2).
BioDiCon.660-0217 Cytotoxic effects of Satureja cuneifolia extract in liver cancer cell lines (HepG2)
BioDiCon.659-0217 Genotypic Response on Stability for Yield and Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Triticale (X Triticosecale Wittmack) Under Different Nitrogen Regimes
BioDiCon.658-0217 An Anatomical Investigation on Bupleurum heldreichii Boiss. & Bal. and Bupleurum lophocarpum Boiss. & Bal. (Apiaceae) from Turkey
BioDiCon.657-0217 Determination of Nitrogen Use Efficiency of Triticale Genotypes Using Different Rates of Nitrogen Fertilizer
BioDiCon.655-0217 Anatomical and micromorphological investigations on some Centaurea (Asteraceae, Cardueae) taxa from NE Anatolia
BioDiCon.654-0217 A new monotypic genus (Diptychocarpus Trautv.) record from Brassicaceae (Cruciferae) family for the Flora of Turkey
BioDiCon.653-0217 The Effects of Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) Application at Different Concentrations on Seed Germination of Different Varieties of Carthamus tinctorius
BioDiCon.652-0217 A new Philodromid spider record from Turkey (Araneae: Philodromidae)
BioDiCon.651-0217 Essential oil characterization of Cousinia sivasica Hub.-Mor. (Asteraceae)
BioDiCon.650-0217 Dianthus aziz-sancarii (Caryophyllaceae), a new species from Turkey
BioDiCon.649-0217 The rediscovery of Silene surculosa Hub.-Mor. (Caryopyllaceae) endemic for Turkey
BioDiCon.648-0217 Fluorine Accumulations in Drinking Water of Havsa District (Edirne, TURKEY) and Assessment of Water Quality in Terms of Teeth Health
BioDiCon.647-0217 A new monotypic genus (Diptychocarpus Trautv.) record from Brassicaceae (Cruciferae) family for the Flora of Turkey/ Türkiye Florasına Brassicaceae (Cruciferae) familyasından yeni bir monotip cins (Diptychocarpus Trautv.) kaydı
BioDiCon.646-0117 Pollen analysis of honeys from Ardahan (Turkey)
BioDiCon.645-0117 Flora of Çakırdağı (Karaman/Turkey)/ Çakırdağı’nın Florası (Karaman)
BioDiCon.644-0117 Flora of Kavaklıdere (Muğla/Turkey) / Kavaklıdere (Muğla) Florası
BioDiCon.643-0117 Screening of spore ornamentation of some mushrooms/ Bazı Mantarların Spor Yapılarının İncelenmesi
BioDiCon.642-0117 Antimycobacterial activity of extracts of the lichens Cetraria aculeata, Cladonia foliacea, Parmelia sulcata, Pseudevernia furfuracea var. furfuracea, Ramalina farinacea and Tornabea scutellifera
BioDiCon.641-0117 Preliminary Research for Determination of Soil Algae in Turkey: Kocaeli Case / Türkiye Toprak Alglerinin Belirlenmesi için Ön Araştırma : Kocaeli Örneği
BioDiCon.640-0117 Determination of important plant characteristics in summer savory (satureja hortensis l.) by some statistical methods/ Sater bitkisinde (Satureja hortensis L.) bazı istatistik metotlar kullanılarak önemli bitkisel karakterlerin belirlenmesi
BioDiCon.638-1216 Ethnobotanical features of parasitic plants distributed in Balıkesir/ Balıkesir’de Yayılış Gösteren Parazit Bitkilerin Etnobotanik Özellikleri
BioDiCon.637-1216 Erysiphe azaleae, a new powdery mildew fungus introduced into Turkey/ Erysiphe azaleae, Türkiye’ye tanıtılan yeni bir külleme mantarı
BioDiCon.635-1216 Contributions to The Ilıca River (Fatsa/Ordu)’s Fish Fauna/ Ilıca Irmağı (Fatsa/Ordu)’nın Balık Faunasına Katkılar
BioDiCon.633-1216 Macrofungi of Kazdağı National Park and its close environs
BioDiCon.632-1216 LC-MS/MS and GC-MS analyses of three endemic Astragalus species from Anatolia towards their total phenolic-flavonoid contents, antioxidant, anticholinesterase, antimicrobial and cytotoxic effects
BioDiCon.630-1216 Volatile metabolites of endophytic fungi isolated from Brazilian Barbatimão tree
BioDiCon.629-1216 The changes in two biological indicators of soil influenced by the forest management in the North of Iran, Guilan province
BioDiCon.628-1216 The effect of the canopy of the biodiversity of herbaceous species skidding trails
BioDiCon.626-1216 The comparative anatomical studies on the genus Chorispora DC. (Brassicaceae) distributed in Turkey
BioDiCon.625-1216 Macrofungi of Karagöl–Sahara National Park (Şavşat-Artvin/Turkey)
BioDiCon.624-1216 Biodiversity of Lichenized and Lichenicolous Fungi in the Akdag Natural Park (Afyon-Denizli/Turkey)
BioDiCon.623-1216 Seasonal changes in fatty acid profiles of two freshwater fish species
BioDiCon.622-1216 Flora of Alpine Grasslands of the Eğribel Pass in the Giresun Mountains (north-eastern Turkey)
BioDiCon.621-1116 Removal of Acid Blue 294 (AB294) dye from aqueous solutions by using lichen Umbilicaria decussata biomass
BioDiCon.620-1116 The moss flora of Baskil (Elazığ /Turkey) district
BioDiCon.619-1116 The assessment of biological accumulation on exposure in boron particles of Desmodesmus multivariabilis
BioDiCon.618-1116 New additions to Turkish Agaricales
BioDiCon.617-1116 Investigations on fruit roses / rosehips (Rosa L. spp.) of Türkiye
BioDiCon.616-1116 Toxicological Effects of The Entomopathogenic Purpureocillium lilacinus on the model organism, Galleria mellonella L. (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae)
BioDiCon.615-1116 Morphological and anatomical investigation of drugs sold with the name of Yalancı Melisa
BioDiCon.614-1116 The cloven hoofed mammals (Artiodactyla) in Bolu province
BioDiCon.613-1116 The using plant species in ınterrior vertical gardens; a case study of Istanbul
BioDiCon.612-1116 Contents of phenolic and flavonoid compounds in Isatis demiriziana Misirdali: an endemic to the Southeast Anatolia, Turkey
BioDiCon.611-1116 The flora of Akdağ (Pozantı-Adana) and it’s environments
BioDiCon.610-1016 The first study in Turkey about the chromosomes of tongue fish, Pegusa lascaris, living in the Black Sea
BioDiCon.609-1016 The design of forest roads network in compliance with the environmental issues using GIS and AHP
BioDiCon.608-1016 Biochemical and physiological responses of metal toxicity in crop varieties from Central Anatolia
BioDiCon.606-1016 Long-term germplasm conservatıon of two economıcal ımportant musa specıes vıa cryopreservatıon-dehıdratıon technıque
BioDiCon.605-1016 Macrofungi biodiversity of Kütahya province (Turkey)
BioDiCon.604-1016 First faunistic record of Tegenaria vankeerorum, 2013 from Turkey with description of unknown female
BioDiCon.603-0916 Helianthemum canum (L.) Baumg (Cistaceae) türünün anatomik ve morfolojik özellikleri
BioDiCon.601-0816 Flora of Kambos Mountain (Bitlis/Turkey)
BioDiCon.600-0816 Mycorrhizal Diversity in Some Species of Dactylorhiza Genus (Orchidaceae)
BioDiCon.599-0816 Antifeedant effects of ferulago glareosa extracts from Erzıncan/Turkey on ephestia kuehniella
BioDiCon.598-0816 Flora of Kurukumes Mountain (Milas-Muğla/Turkey)
BioDiCon.597-0816 API-ZYM and Numerical Analysis of 16S rRNA Gene Idendified Micromonospora Isolates from the Black Sea Region
BioDiCon.596-0816 Distribution patterns and ISSR PCR optimisation of invasive plant Eichhornia crassipes in Asi River, Turkey
BioDiCon.595-0816 Floccularia Pouzar, a new genus (Basidiomycota) record for Turkish mycota
BioDiCon.594-0816 A preliminary study on the bathymetric distribution of deep sea fishes from Northern Aegean Sea
BioDiCon.592-0716 Water quality assessment of Porsuk Stream Basin by using geographic ınformation system (GIS)
BioDiCon.565-0716 The wild plant species of Brassicaceae Familya, in Thrace of Turkey
BioDiCon.564-0716 Some geophytes determined in Bartın/Turkey
BioDiCon.563-0616 The effect on germination characteristics of Mediterranean hackberry (Celtis australis) of different pretreatments and sowing time
BioDiCon.562-0616 Conservation status of threatened endemic flora of western Himalayas
BioDiCon.561-0616 The importance of algal biodiversity living in extreme environmental conditions in Turkey
BioDiCon.559-0516 Twenty three new records for Turkish freshwater algal flora from Lake Taşkısığı and Lake Little Akgöl (Sakarya/Turkey)
BioDiCon.558-0516 Non – Silica algae of Seydisuyu stream basin and their relative abundances(Eskişehir, Turkey)
BioDiCon.557-0516 A karyological study on Iberis attica Jord. (Brassicaceae)
BioDiCon.556-0516 Water quality assessment of Felent Stream (Kütahya, Turkey)
BioDiCon.555-0516 Medicinal plants in Cyrenaica, Libya: existence and extinction
BioDiCon.554-0516 Novelties to the bryophyte flora from Uludağ (Bursa/Turkey)
BioDiCon.553-0516 The visual quality assessment of urban coastline landscapes: a case study of Akçakoca city (Turkey)
BioDiCon.552-0516 Isolation and identification of novel thermo-alkalophilic Anoxybacillus sp. strain KB4 from Kuşburnu hot spring in Turkey
BioDiCon.549-0416 First records of migration behaviour change of spur-winged lapwing (Vanellus spinosus) from Boğazkent/Turkey
BioDiCon.548-0416 Morpho-Anatomical investigations on Ajuga postii Briq and Ajuga relicta P.H.Davis (Lamiaceae)
BioDiCon.547-0416 Assessment of the Zooplankton Community by the Index Analysis in Kaldırım and Halikan Ponds, Malatya/Turkey
BioDiCon.544-0416 A new spider record of the genus Thomisus Walckenaer, 1805 (Araneae: Thomisidae) from Iraq
BioDiCon.543-0316 Meristic and morphometric characteristics of chubs, Squalius cii (Richardson, 1857) of the Bursa Area-Nilufer Stream (Turkey)
BioDiCon.542-0316 Ethnobotanical studies on edible plants in Manyas (Balıkesir/Turkey) region
BioDiCon.541-0316 Comparative leaf and peduncle anatomy of four turkish endemic Onobrychis Mill. taxa
BioDiCon.540-0316 Screening the antifungal activity of soilborne actinomycetes
BioDiCon.538-0316 The geophytes of the region between Derebucak (Konya/Turkey) – Ibradı and Cevizli (Antalya/Turkey)
BioDiCon.537-0316 Tephroderma Contu & Musumeci: A new genus record for Turkey
BioDiCon.536-0316 Traditional medicinal plants used for oral and dental diseases in Turkey
BioDiCon.535-0316 Efficiency of seasonal plants in cold climate zones
BioDiCon.534-0316 The relation of edge effect on some wild mammals ın Burdur-Ağlasun District
BioDiCon.533-0316 Determination of changes on minerals, amino and organic acids on different growing periods of buckwheat and cereal genotypes
BioDiCon.531-0316 The Flora of Gülek Pass (Mersin-Adana/Turkey)
BioDiCon.530-0316 Lichenized and lichenicolous fungi of Katırlı mountain in Bursa province
BioDiCon.528-0316 A new myxomycete record from Turkey
BioDiCon.527-0216 Impact of heavy metals (zinc and lead) on the photosynthetic pigment contents of Bryum schleicheri and Plagiomnium undulatum (Bryophyta)
BioDiCon.526-0216 A new record for the flora of Turkey: Heteranthera limosa (Sw.) Willd. (Pontederiaceae)
BioDiCon.525-0216 A new class record for Turkish Pucciniomycotina
BioDiCon.524-0216 Trace element and heavy metal contents of Morchella taxa growing in Southwest Anatolia
BioDiCon.521-0116 Essential oil composition of Pulicaria genus grown in Turkey
BioDiCon.520-0116 Notes on Pterygoneurum crossidioides (Pottiaceae, Bryophyta), a xerophytic species in Turkey
BioDiCon.519-0116 Investigation of micromorphological and anatomic characteristics of genus Hypericum L. (Hypericaceae) exhibiting distribution in Giresun/Turkey
BioDiCon.518-0116 New floristic records for C2 square in the Flora of Turkey
BioDiCon.516-0116 The moss flora of Arapgir (Malatya/Turkey) district
BioDiCon.515-0116 Comparative systematical, morphological, trichomes and phytochemical characterization of Teucrium montbretii and Teucrium odontites
BioDiCon.509-1115 ITS (rDNA) sequence data of some lichenized fungi species of Erciyes Mountain (Kayseri/Turkey)
BioDiCon.507-1115 Macrofungi of Karagöl–Sahara National Park (Artvin/Turkey)
BioDiCon.504-1115 Biological and Ecological properties and Conservation Strategies on the Crocus gargaricus ssp. gargaricus and Muscari bourgaei
BioDiCon.498-1115 Macrofungal diversity of Zigana Mountain (Gümüşhane/Turkey)
BioDiCon.493-1015 A new record for the Turkish lichen flora: Psoroma tenue Henssen
BioDiCon.491-1015 Investigation of Morphological, Morphometric and Anatomical Characteristics of endemic Verbascum orgyale Boiss. & Heldr
BioDiCon.489-1015 New Silene L. records for the various squares of Turkey
BioDiCon.487-0515 Comparative performance of wheat varieties under arid climatic conditions of khyber pakhtunkhwa Pakistan
BioDiCon.483-0815 Wild medicinal plants sold in Balıkesir herbal markets and their use properties
BioDiCon.481-0815 The effects of some soil herbicides on root colonization and spore number of Mycorrhizal fungi Glomus intraradices
BioDiCon.480-0815 Correlation of ISSRs variations with population size in Glycyrrhiza glabra (Fabaceae)
BioDiCon.479-0815 Development of health-harmless plant dyes for the coloring of paper
BioDiCon.478-0815 Floristic diversity of the Homegardens of Allankottai Village, Kanyakumari district, Tamilnadu, India
BioDiCon.473-0615 Algaes and water qualities of Badam dam reservoir (Kazakhstan)
BioDiCon.472-0615 Pulvinula Boud., a new genus and three pulvinuloid macrofungi taxa new for Turkey
BioDiCon.470-0515 Species composition of Hydrophilidae and Helophoridae (Coleoptera) obtained from Abruzzo Region (L’Aquila, Teramo, Pescara) of Italy
BioDiCon.469-0515 The lichenized fungus genus Peltigera in Turkey
BioDiCon.468-0515 Anatomical and morphological features of Agrocybe vervacti (Fr.) Singer
BioDiCon.467-0515 Biological Diversity: Who Owns
BioDiCon.462-0415 Removal of coper (Cu+2) from aqueous solutions by using Quercus robur (Saplı Meşe) extract with biosorption
BioDiCon.457-0415 Medical plants sold in Canakkale city center herbalists
BioDiCon.456-0415 The black rat (Rattus rattus, Rodenta, Murmae) (north-Algeria)
BioDiCon.452-0415 Molecular Identification of Nocardia Diversity in soil by Multilocus Sequence Analysis
BioDiCon.451-0415 Notes on Turkish Hypocrea
BioDiCon.450-0415 Lactifluus rugatus (Kühner & Romagn.) Verbeken, a new record for Turkish Mycota
BioDiCon.448-0315 The flora of Denizli city
BioDiCon.447-0215 Verbascum ebubekir-ceylanii (Scrophulariaceae), a new species from Turkey
BioDiCon.446-0215 An ethnobotanical research on wild plants sold in Kırıkhan district (Hatay/Turkey) herbalists and local markets
BioDiCon.445-0215. Medicinal plants used for folk medicine in Oltu (Erzurum/Turkey)
BioDiCon.444-0215. New chromosome counts for Nepeta L. (Lamiaceae) from flora of Iran
BioDiCon.443-0215. A new record for the Turkish Rust Mycobiota: Puccinia alatavica Nevod.
BioDiCon.441-0115. The moss flora of Keban (Elazığ/Turkey) district
BioDiCon.439-0115. Lichen and Lichenicolous fungi diversity of Kula volcanic area (Uşak-Manisa/Turkey)
BioDiCon.436-0115. In vitro propagation of endemic Iris galatica
BioDiCon.329-0513. Karyotype of Lavandula stoechas subsp. stoechas (Karabaşotu) from Turkey
BioDiCon.763-0718 An anatomical investigation on Sideritis ozturkii Aytaç & Aksoy and Sideritis rubriflora Hub.- Mor. (Lamiaceae) From Turkey
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